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One Zero Nine is a dynamic publishing house dedicated to the Men's Adventure genre.  Our Death Merchants series is written in the retro style of the classic pulp novels of the 1960's, 70's, and 80's.  We accept manuscript submissions from authors writing in the Men's Adventure genre regardless of the style, whether retro or modern.

We have two publishing tracks for our writers: In-House and Affiliates.

In-House Authors: These writers are published by One Zero Nine at no expense to the author, like our Death Merchants series.  Writers who are accepted as In-House authors will be offered a compensation package of up to $5,000 per manuscript and royalties.

Affiliate Authors: These writers are also published by One Zero Nine with the full support of our editorial and marketing staff and the full suite of services offered to our In-House writers.  The difference is that manuscripts submitted by Affiliate Authors require modest to significant work and polish to be presented under our imprint.  If you submit a strong manuscript that doesn't quite make the cut to be published as an In-House author, in many cases (but certainly not all) we will direct you to our Affiliate Author packages where you can select the level of support needed to get your book into print.  Once an Affiliate Author's writing has improved sufficiently that minimal effort is required by our staff, the author may be invited to an In-House status.

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