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The Death Merchants | The Ways of Killing Men
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The Death Merchants Demographics

Who Reads The Death Merchants

Our readers are 91% male.
A total of 54% have served in the military and 26% are currently serving.  38% have a law enforcement background.
51% have a college degree and 28% have a high school diploma.
23% of our readers earn over $100,000.
89% plan to purchase a firearm this year.
93% of our readers already own guns.

The Death Merchants isn't just read
As a direct result of reading about products featured in The Death Merchants, more than 63% of readers have actually purchased general merchandise in the past 12 months.

Additional Facts
More than half purchased firearms/accessories in the last 12 months
More than 75% plan to purchase equipment in the next 12 months

More than 80% plan to purchase ammunition in the next 12 months
Over 80% have purchased more than 12 boxes for rifles in the last 12 months

More than 90% own a knife & 65% carry daily
More than 89% own more than one knife

Over half of our readers camp and hike more than twice a year & 62% hunt big game

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The Death Merchants Book #2:
The Rubicon Event
Coming December 2018!

The Death Merchants Book #1:
The Ways of Killing Men!

by Richard Camellion

Available Now!

The next mission is the most deadly ever faced, and the Death Merchant is seething that the CIA has forced him back into their service!  He'll save their bacon one more time - before he serves them breakfast in Hell!
The Death Merchants #1 - Autographed 'RJC'
Released: April 19, 2018! 
Book #1 as the action and adventures continue!

Kindle Orders available now!

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Print copies are produced in traditional pulp trim size: 4.25" x 6.88", shipping the week of April 23. 

All first edition copies of Book #1 will be autographed 'RJC' by the author.
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Upcoming Titles in the Death Merchants Series
#1 | The Ways of Killing Men - April 19, 2018 

#2 | The Rubicon Event - December 2018

#3 | Return to Shambhala - February 2019

#4 | The Rubicon Shift - April  2019

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