Affiliate Publishing Packages

Authors: Once your manuscript submission has been submitted and accepted by our editorial staff for publication you will be invited to work with One Zero Nine Publishing as either an In-House Author or an Affiliate Author. (See details here)

Writers who are accepted as In-House authors will be offered a compensation package of up to $5,000 per manuscript and royalties.

If our staff extends an invitation for you to work with our imprint as an Affiliate Author, it is because we believe in both you as an author and the manuscript you have submitted, however it will require dedicated work and effort to become presentable for publication under our imprint.  Affiliate Authors receive the full support of our editorial and marketing staff and the full suite of services offered to our In-House writers.  Once an Affiliate Author's writing has improved sufficiently that minimal effort is required by our staff on subsequent manuscripts, the author may be invited to an In-House status.

If you have been invited to be published with One Zero Nine, we encourage you to select the Affiliate Package below that best suits your goals.  Authors are encouraged to purchase the package of their choice even before submission, as this locks your place in our editorial and publishing queues.  If you are accepted as an In-House Author or you do not receive an invitation to write for us as an Affiliate Author within 30 days of your submission, the cost of your package will be fully reimbursed.